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Polygraph Exams

Our polygraph examiner, Ms. Diane Parker, has provided polygraph services to law firms, businesses and private individuals throughout Southern California. 

We use the latest computerized polygraph equipment, and are available at numerous offices throughout Southern California .

A polygraph examination consists of several phases:

  • Pretest interview
  • Collection of polygraph charts, 3 - 6 will be completed
  • Analysis of the polygraph charts
  • Post test interviews when needed
During the pretest interview phase the examiner gets to know the subject. Details of the issue will be discussed at length.  A consent and release form will be given to the examinee to be read and signed, giving their permission to be administered the polygraph test.  All of the test questions will be formulated and completely reviewed with the subject.  The polygraph instrument and all the attachments will be explained.  The most time consuming step of the polygraph test process is the pretest interview and most polygraphs last between 1 1/2 to 3 hours from start to finish. 

To conduct the actual polygraph examination, the examiner attaches the components to the examinee.  These are painless but it is a stressful experience.  The components consist of:

  • Two pneumograph tubes are attached across the upper chest and abdomen to record the respirations (breathing)
  • Two metal plates will be attached to the ring and index fingers which will record changes in the electrodermal activity tracings
  • A Blood pressure cuff is placed on the upper arm which records the cardiovascular tracings

After the instrument attachments are placed on the subject, pressure will be added to the blood pressure cuff and the test begins.  The examiner asks a series of questions that have been previously reviewed.  The exam will be repeated three to six times to provide the appropriate number of charts for scoring.

When the test and collection of polygraph charts is complete, the charts are carefully analyzed by the examiner and an opinion is rendered.  The opinion of the examiner is based solely on the polygraph charts.  An opinion of DI - Deception Indicated, NDI - No Deception Indicated (truthful) or Inconclusive / No Opinion.

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