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About Us

Our Founder, Ms. Diane Parker, retired from law enforcement with nearly 20 years of service; half of that time devoted to sex crimes, child abuse and narcotics investigations.  In 1995, Ms. Parker graduated from The Backster School of Lie Detection in San Diego and received her private investigator's license.  Since that time, Ms. Parker has provided polygraph services to law firms, businesses and private individuals throughout Southern California.  Ms. Parker has been a Certified Forensic Interviewer.

Throughout her career, Ms. Parker has attended numerous training seminars sponsored by CAPE - California Association of Polygraph Examiners; APA -  American Polygraph Association; AAPA - American Association of Police Polygraphists.

Our Team is made up of well qualified, well trained investigators, all of whom are licensed. Many of our investigators are retired from law enforcement, and have experience in Fraud, Homicide, Narcotics, Arson, Auto Theft and Traffic Accident investigations.

We Use Digital Video And Photography, and have Covert Video Systems available. 

We Have Access To Both Male And Female Investigators, many with bi-lingual abilities.  We can also provide multiple vehicles and investigators to meet your surveillance needs.

It Is Our Mission to gather intelligence and document our findings in a non-biased and professional manner. We will use video recordings, polygraph exams and written reports to document these findings consistent with the provisions of the expectation of privacy laws and regulations.

Our Objective is to provide a cost effective, high quality, thorough and reliable investigation for our clients.

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